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Are your properties market ready?

First impressions count. So much so that it only takes minutes for a prospective buyer to make up their mind about a house or flat; with many making a decision before they’ve even walked through the front door.

In fact, according to reports, home hunters spend an average of just over 25 minutes viewing a property before deciding whether or not to put an offer in; that's less than an episode of Location, Location, Location! 

What's more, in today's digital age, the majority of those in the market for a new home won't even get that far if a property doesn't stand out online. 

Estate agents who outsource their viewing services will have best chance of success in 2017

One of the most significant business trends in 2017 is likely to be outsourcing. And, with estate agents increasingly expected to do more with less, this makes sense. Just think about it, with time the one thing none of us has in excess, why would you waste yours on mundane and unproductive tasks, when you could be getting on with the more important and lucrative aspects of estate agency instead?


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